Art After Six Flyer

Art After Six at Austin City Hall

Art After Six

Jennifer Chenoweth, Claudia Reese, Nicholas Dertien, and Matthew Roberts will give presentations about their artwork and process as it relates to the work shown at Austin City Hall for the 2012 People’s Gallery Exhibition.


6-8pm at City Hall

Presentation will be in Council Chambers

Richard Mansfield's sculpture, Fisterra Studio, EAST 2011, by Judith Simonds

EAST 2011 at Fisterra Studio by Judith Simonds



“Art Lives Here” Signposts

Fall 2010 project for –Art Outside– and –EAST–:

Be part of Fisterra’s community. Find a sign and locate it on a map as part of a scavenger hunt at –Art Outside–. Buy a sign and hang it where you live, then go online to add it to the “Art Lives Here” google map.

Here are instructions for adding your signpost to the –ART LIVES HERE MAP–:

  • You must have a Google account to add your placemark to the map, but you can see the map without one.
  • Go to the link and sign in to Google if you are not already signed in. Navigate on the map to the place where you want to add your marker. Zoom in or out if that helps.
  • Click the “Edit” button in the left panel Put your mouse cursor over the exact location you want to put the placemark.
  • Click the RIGHT mouse button and select “Add a placemark” In the pop-up window that appears, enter a Title and Description and click OK.
  • Click the Save button. You’re done.

Tips for the Advanced User:

To use a photo with your placemark, click “Rich text” and then click the picture icon.  You cannot upload a photo, but if you have one somewhere with its own Web address (URL), you can point to it.

To change the look or your placemark, click on the picture of the marker, then pick a marker.  If you are really advanced you can use a marker of your own creation.