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Jennifer Chenoweth: Sacred Space: Solo Show, Julia C. Butridge Gallery

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Sacred Space Drawing

Fisterra Studio is pleased to announce a solo show of Jennifer Chenoweth’s drawings, paintings and sculptures at the Julia C. Butridge Gallery at the Dougherty Art Center: Sacred Space.

Wednesday June 5 – Saturday June 29, 2013. The artist’s reception will be Tuesday June 11, 2013 from 6:00pm – 8:00 pm.

The Dead Music Capital Marching Band will perform at the opening.

Art-making is my primary spiritual action. Creating art allows me to express my unique manifestation as a body and as a conscious being. “Sacred Spaces” explores the interactive space of the human body through architectural sculpture and gestural mark-making.

Painting used to tell the stories of a culture on the surfaces of sacred spaces such as caves, temples and churches–photography and film have replace this function of visual art. What remains unique to visual art is the hand of the artist and the visceral relationship of the art object to both the maker and viewer of the art. The human body is represented in its indexical evidence in drawings and in geometric markers of ourselves. I create forms that unify these ideas, such as a dome that is the diameter of my reach. Using the indexical movement of my arm, I draw and paint on the surface in various media, from charcoal to a plasma-cutter. The finished artworks are both sculpture and painting.


So I may better understand how sacred space is created through geometry and form, I have studied the evolution of historical sacred architecture from Etruscan to Greek to Roman to Christian. The shapes incorporated into these structures evoke gendered symbolism–the curved dome represents a feminine, mother-figure, while Catholic cruciform shapes represent the masculine, with vertical space representing the trinity. Reiterating these symbols in my own work allows me to explore both the personal space of one body and the interactive relationships between several bodies at once.  –Preview of WORK IN PROCESS–

Before construction, I create drawings and scale models to help me consider the sizes and proportions of the artworks as well as how to place the artwork in relationship to viewers. Family relationships and group dynamics are important themes of my work, but some artworks are simply the practice of making marks in space with my unique hand in a variety of materials.

My artwork is relational. The work isn’t complete until there is someone interacting with it. Once I have made these artworks, dialog with community about the art is very important to my process.

Gallery Hours:  Monday – Thursday 10am – 9:30pm, Friday 10am – 5:30pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm

Gallery Address: 1110 Barton Springs Road, Austin, Texas 78704

Several pieces of art at the show will be GIVEN AWAY for FREE through the artist’s “whoever cares the most wins” application process, announced at the opening. Please attend the opening to find out more.

Cultural Arts Division, City of Austin

Sacred Space is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future. Visit Austin at


Umlauf Sculpture Garden Party Featured Artist

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Thursday April 25 @ 6:30-9:30pm @ The Umlauf Sculpture Garden

Join Event Chair Jordan Jeffus, Co-Chair Emily Pratte, Honorary Chairs Burke & Tricia Edwards, and Featured Artist Jennifer Chenoweth for our 15th Annual Garden Party fundraiser set for Thursday, April 25th, 2013, from 6:30-9:30pm.

Fine Food & Wine

More than twenty of Austin’s best restaurants serve delectable samplings of their cuisine, paired with complementing wines generously selected by Twin Liquors.

Read more about the Umlauf Garden Party fundraiser HERE.



KUT Views and Brews

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KUT Views and Brews

March 26, 2013 Entrepreneurship and Austin Music @ 6:00pm @ the Cactus Cafe

Join photographer and author of “The Sound of Austin“, Mathew Sturtevant, along with Tamir Kalifa of the band Mother Falcon, Jennifer Chenoweth of Generous Art, and Scott Ward, owner of Strange Brew Coffee House to discuss art and innovation in Austin. We’ll  talk about unique opportunities that artists, business owners and musicians are creating for themselves in the Austin area, and what’s still needed to make things easier for entrepreneurship in the arts. We hope to see you Tuesday at 6pm at the Cactus Cafe on the University of Texas at Austin campus.

More about KUT’s Views and Brews HERE.

Insights at Umlauf

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insightedit2Thursday, March 28, 2013 @ 6:30 pm @ the Umlauf Sculpture Garden

For this installment of the popular INSIGHTS series,UMLAUF Garden Party featured artist Jennifer Chenoweth will speak to her artistic process and work with Generous Art. The INSIGHTS Series brings artists and curators to the UMLAUF to discuss their practices.
This event is Free and Open to the public but space is limited.
Please RSVP to and reserve your spot now!
Beverage service begins one hours prior to the event.
More about the Umlauf Scultpture Garden Insights Series HERE.

Mod Austin Review of Seeing is Believing at Wells Mason Gallery

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CandyVery excited about this review in of the group show at the Wells Mason Gallery, “Seeing is Believing”.  Artists shown are Jennifer Chenoweth, Larry Graeber, Jim Huntington, and Wells Mason. Review by Todd Camlin.

Seeing is Believing

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Wells Mason Gallery "Seeing is Believing"9 works by Jennifer Chenoweth in this beautiful show – thank you Wells!

Second Chances

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Revive and Reach

Not too often do we get second chances. If we’re really lucky or someone loves us, we might get more than one second chance. I am really excited that the Heaven and Hell pieces just sold to the Houston  Hobby Airport’s public art collection. They’re not hung yet, but I will excitedly send out an announcement when they are.

I don’t often set out to make the same thing twice. That’s why I can’t bake, because I just don’t like following recipes.

However, I had a contract with the City of Austin to hang “Heaven and Hell” in The People’s Gallery show through January of 2013. Fortunately, they allowed me to replace the two pieces that sold with two similar pieces for the duration of the year. So I just made and installed two new pieces. It was a second chance to go through a similar process and make different choices. On the first go-around, I plasma-cut the shapes and ground the edges after bending the sheet aluminum. This time, I had the shapes water-jet cut and then bent. “Revive” reads  more to me as a flower and I find the overlapping sections in the center to be really rich. I’m excited about the color palette of these. “Reach” is made from the negative drops of “Revive”, as crown or band shape at the equator of the space of my reach. “Revive” is the dome above my reach.   “Reach” has far less material than “Hell,” “Heaven,” or “Revive”, but it takes up more visual mass, which surprised me.

You can see a few more details of the “Revive” piece here.

Next time you’re out downtown in Austin, go see it at City Hall through January, 2013.  Their call for art for 2013 is out (click here): submissions due November 2.


KLRU Arts in Context

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by Ed Fuentes

KLRU’s Arts in Context– explores the making of Generous Art, an online gallery dedicated to raising money for nonprofits and artists, while going behind-the-scenes with the group’s founder and some of the showcased artists. Founded in 2011, Generous Art envisions art purchases as community-oriented transactions — rejecting the idea that art collection is a selfish endeavor or an isolated event. Generous Art replaces time consuming auction fundraisers with a purchase process that simultaneously funds the artist, a nonprofit and the mission of Generous Art. –

–SEE FULL Arts in Context EPISODE–

KLRU East Austin Studio Tour

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–Video of Jennifer Chenoweth during the EAST tour 2011–


Austin Post Review

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Form and Movement from Jennifer Chenoweth

by Jackie Stone

Some art is all about reproducing life or creating a statement. Some art is all about movement, feel and pure artistic practice.

The work by Austin’s Jennifer Chenoweth could be said to fall mostly into the latter category. She creates both paintings and sculpture, both of which can start either from a concrete concept or from the practice of gestural drawing and calligraphy. --READ FULL ARTICLE–