Artist’s Statement

by Jeff Stockton
by Jeff Stockton

My artistic medium is change; my artistic inquiry parallels the philosophic inquiry of becoming and being. I began using art as a way to change me. Each artwork is record of growth, one marker along a path, indexing a moment in time. Now my art also embraces change in my community and world, marking a moment in our collective experience.

I start with an idea from my life or my research, such as the color of my child’s eyes or a topographical map. By holding an intention for each piece, I can evaluate each choice by its trueness to the intention. I work in whatever material is right for the idea: paper, metal, fabric. I collaborate with professionals when the expertise is out of my range: GIS specialists, cartographers, psychologists, anthropologists, industrial fabricators, and writers.

My artistic process depends on persistence, perception, and discovery. I may begin with atlantic drugstore quick calligraphic ink drawings that lead to a large kinetic steel sculpture. I connect ideas, forms, and colors to synthesize something new; I am an active agent of evolution.

I get really excited by finding patterns: observing geometric patterns in nature like the fractals in romanesco broccoli, relating ideas in different fields of thought like Plutchik’s chart of emotions and a Tibetan mandala, or experiencing similarities in casting concrete and making waffles.

My work includes gestural marks as a unique movement of my hand and ideas that are ignited by my experiences. My art process is evidence of my inner life– the transcendent, the sensual, the hard to pin down. My artworks are devotionals, like portraits, to ideas I have considered before, was always considering, am now considering more deeply. I am ripening into something in my deeper truer nature, what I am becoming more of.