Adios, Fiesta

Fiesta in the dunes

Today, I bought running shoes. When I wake up in the morning and she’s not there, at least I can go out the door and run. For the last five years, walking out the door, without her, with my running shoes on, meant betraying my girlfriend who had become too old to run. She was a track star, a gorgeous athlete, in her prime. You should have buy ativan online pharmacy seen that girl run. She soared like a gazelle. She would lap the other fast dogs and laugh at them. She used to hurdle over headstones at Oakwood Cemetery chasing squirrels. Quick as a whippet, royal as a borzoi.

Yes, all dogs have a job. For a great while, her job was running, but that job became too hard on her body. Her real job was teaching me grace. Thank you, Nutty.