Lawrence Vanston, PhD
Emily Pratte
Stephen Caffey, PhD
Ricardo Guerrero
Susan Brandt
Jennifer Chenoweth
Amy Morrow

Lawrence Vanston is an art collector and a performing arts enthusiast. Dr. Vanston is an internationally recognized authority on technology forecasting for the communications industry. He has conducted and managed future-looking studies for the communications and other high-tech industries for over thirty years. He manages our finance reports and collaborates on technology projects.

Emily Pratte is an experienced events producer for organizations such as SXSW, The Texas Tribune, the Umlauf Garden Party, and more. A skilled communicator, she has been invaluable Fisterra’s extensive events and production.

Dr. Stephen Caffey is an art historian, curator and critic who understands fine art within social and historical context. He advises on thinking bigger, and linking art to place and people.

Ricardo Guerrero is a digital and social media specialist who helped Dell reach its Spanish language customer base through online marketing. Ricardo helps Fisterra with digital strategy, communications and innovation.

Susan Brandt is a dedicated architecture preservationist. Her interest is in connecting underutilized historic buildings with creative mixed uses.

Amy Diane Morrow is a teacher, dance-maker, consultant, and an awarded and lauded artistic director who connects though movement.

Artist Jennifer Chenoweth creates in any material that fits the idea, from drawings to large sculpture to interactive digital works. She now curates the Oakwood Cemetery Chapel in Austin, Texas to consider the purpose of our lives in the context of a historical cemetery.