Prototype of My Rome

Prototype (my Rome)

Installation view of multiple pieces of architectural sculpture in concrete, plaster, wood and paper, shown here 5?x40?x30?, 1999

A study of Roman architecture and how these proportions relate to social dynamics. Arches of two circle geometry represent feelings of inclusion or being overpowered. Three sphere geometrical architecture recalls the Trinity, the masculine nature of the religious is buying tramadol online legal architecture. Like the ruins, the floor plans and geometry are more visible as the structures deteriorate, revealing the inherent dynamics within the structure.

Prototype, alternate view
Prototype, concrete, plaster, wood, paper
Prototype models
Prototype models, paper, clay


Wood and concrete, 30’x40’x4′, 1999

Large outdoor installation of sculpture based on architectural geometry

Arcade model 1
Arcade model, cardboard, clay
Arcade, detail
Arcade, detail, concrete wood ink
Arcade, side detail
Arcade, detail, concrete, wood, ink
Arcade, Basillica View
Arcade, detail
Multi-colored Dome


Oil on wood, 64″x78″x78″, 1997

Wood Torso sculpture


Oil on wood, 44″x12″x24″, 1998

Painted mirror

Mirrored Room

Oil on wood and mirrors, 78″x102″x60″, 1997

Two framed mirrors that face each other at a 45* angle with painting on all surfaces, viewer sees layered image of self reflected between painting layers in a 360* circle

magnolia screen 1

Magnolia Screen

Magnolia Screen

Oil on 18 mirrors, wood frame, 78″x52″x30″, 1998

Magnolia Screen, reverse

Two sided screen, reverse media is oil on wood, wood frame

Remains of War Series, Eroded Bunker

Remains of War

Series of artworks from research on Normandy war bunkers, includes paintings, drawings, models and prints

Line Drawing sculpture, side view

Line Drawing

Wood, plexiglass, graphite, steel, 108″x96″x168″, 1998

Line Arch Model
Model for understanding arch proportion

Curfed wood sculpture, creating a perspective illusion through elongated and splayed shapes; west atlantic pharmacy plexiglass forms a curving, expanded vaulted ceiling

Line Drawing sculpture, front view
Line Drawing sculpture, front view