Larger gallery view of Fire Ring sculpture hung from ceiling above Fire Ring sculpture on the floor of the gallery

Fire Ring

Fire Ring Room View

oil on aluminum, 60″ diameter x 14″ sits on floor, and one 14″ x 34″ x 54″ hanging, 2012

From the drops of Reach and Revive. Shown here buy tramadol without prescription with decorations for the Umlauf Sculpture Garden Party.

Fire Ring Ceiling Fire Ring Floor Fire Ring before install

Blue Arc and Hook sculpture installed in gallery

Hook and Arc

Arc and Hook

oil and mixed media on aluminum, 18″ x 46″ x 24″ and 18″ x 52″ x 24″, 2012

From the drops of Heaven and Hell.

Sacred Space Drawing

Sacred Space Drawing

Ink, paint and charcoal on paper, 96″x64″

Sacred Space Body is the title piece of the “Sacred Space” series. It is the first of many large drawings that records the indexical mark of where a person’s body has been. The drawing is evidence of connection and intimacy between subject and artist.


Performative drawing piece, 72″h x 110″w x 20″l, ink on adding machine paper on steel armature, 2012

Thinking about ink drawings as an artistic practice and a way of marking time, Abacus was a performative art piece created for The Brightest Party Ever for Leadership Austin at the Long Center, and then showed at Austin City tramadol for dogs online Hall. Using adding machine paper and a steel armature to create a counting machine, individual ink drawings were created along the length of the paper, adding together the shapes and the time. Long strips of drawings were given to viewers as a memento of time spent and created.Abacus, view 1 Abacus, view 4 Abacus, view 4

Abacus, view 2




Line Quality

Line Quality

Oil, charcoal and graphite on plasma cut steel, set of 4, 62″x8″x8″ each

Four steel cylinders with surface drawings using a plasma cutter, pencil and brush, stand at human height, requiring the entirety of the body to move along the pipe, as if dancing. The pipes themselves are the 3-dimensional buy tramadol online no prescription steel canvas for the surface drawing in pencil, chalk and oil glazes.

On the KLRU Video about Generous Art, you can watch me work on these pieces.


Four Heaven Studies, 4 4x4 Ink Drawings

Heaven and Line Quality Studies

Ink on paper, 4 drawings framed together, framed size 12″ x 12″ x 1″


Ink on paper, tramadol where to buy framed group of 4? x 8? drawings, frame size 27? x 20? x 1?

Ink on paper, framed group of 4? x 4? drawings, frame size 27? x 20? x 1?Heaven Studies, 20 4x4 Ink DrawingsLine Quality Studies 12 4x8 Ink Drawings





Oil and charcoal on plasma-cut steel, 84″ x 14″ x 2″