Hedonic Map Visualization 2013 ArcScene

Hedonic Map Visualizations 2013

Hedonic Map 2013 Lake to Lake Hedonic Map Visualization 2013 Downtown Hedonic Map Visualization 2013 Central AustinDigital Images created in Photoshop, ArcScene, and ArcGIS, 24″x24″, each 2013

The images utilize and are keyed to a color spectrum of the emotions by Robert Plutchik, who theorized how all emotions work together to create wholeness in our selves. From his theory, my own data collected through interactive surveys, and specialized mapping programs, I created this visualization of the collective Austin experience.

People laying on ground taking a photo of themselves on the field map at Hedonic Map exhibition opening at CoLab

Outdoor Scale Map of Austin at CoLab


Chalk and Flags, 10″x23″x23″, 2013

Outdoor installation view of the Hedonic Map at Co-Lab Projects. Images by Linsday Hutchens.


People marking the field with their favorite places on outdoor installation of Hedonic Map during exhibition opening at CoLab
Marking the field with favorite places
Outdoor Installation - Flags
Colored survey flags
Installation Night View
Finding places on the map
Hedonic Map Outdoor Installation
Using soccer field chalk, we created a scale map of Austin at CoLab
Aerial view of Austin, Hedonic Map, UT Department of Psychology

Hedonic Map Aerial

Printed Map, 2013

Part of the Hedonic Map installation. Printed aerial view of Austin. Images by Linsday Hutchens.

Hedonic Map Aerial ViewAerial Installation View Aerial Installation View IIAerial Zoom

Hedonic Map Chart of Emotions, CoLab

Topography of Emotions

80″ x 80″ ink on paper, 2013

Drawing of color and topographic lines. Images by Linsday Hutchens.
Installation View

Emotion Mapping Sketch - Elements, Hedonic Map

Emotion Mapping Sketch – Elements


Ink on paper, 2014


Emotion Mapping Sketch - Waves, Hedonic Map
Emotion Mapping Sketch – Waves
Emotion Mapping Sketch - Iridescence, Hedonic Map
Emotion Mapping Sketch – Iridescence
Emotion Mapping Sketch IV, Hedonic Map
Emotion Mapping Sketch IV
Emotion Mapping Sketch III, Hedonic Map
Emotion Mapping Sketch III
Emotion Mapping Sketch II, Hedonic Map
Emotion Mapping Sketch II
Emotion Mapping Sketch I, Hedonic Map
Emotion Mapping Sketch I
Four Gates at Austin City Hall

Four Gates


Steel, wood, ink, chalk, hardware, 98″ x 120″ x 120″

Read my writing about the process of making the Four Gates:

Planning the piece

Getting the wood base cut

My inspiration for the sculpture Four Gates is from Mark Helprin’s novel The Winter’s Tale.

There is a short chapter at the end of the first third of the book, page 219, titled Four Gates. Here is an excerpt from the chapter:

“To enter a city intact it is necessary to pass through one of the new gates. They are far more difficult to find than their solid predecessors, for they are tests, mechanisms, devices, and implementations of justice. There once was a map, now long gone, one of the ancient charts upon which colorful animals sleep or rage. Those who saw it said that in its illuminations were figures and symbols of the gates. The east gate was that of acceptance of responsibility, the south gate that of the desire to explore, the west gate that of devotion to beauty, and the north gate that of selfless love.

The steel circles have four different diameters, 78″, 84″, 90″, and 96″ so that four different average sized adults can stand in the circles and expand the geometry of their reach to their biggest selves, as in Vitruvius’ drawing.  I inscribed on each of the four gates a section of the sentence above.  After conversations with friends, I chose the North Gate, that of selfless love, to be the largest. The largest and the smallest are opposite each other, and the two middle sized are opposite each other. When four people expand themselves inside the circles, they create a sculptural human community.

This sculpture was the focal point of the show. The “Four Gates Drawings” were made from these circles laying down on paper.


Four Gates from the East
Four Gates from the East
Sacred Space at the Dougherty Art Center
Four Gates from the West
Large Metal Circular Sculptures Installed
Photo by Ricardo B. Brazziell
Liana Putrino, Megan McIlwain and Katy Hirschfield in the gate of beauty sculpture, Sacred Space Art Party
Liana Putrino, Megan McIlwain and Katy Hirschfield in the gate of beauty, of course
Bright blue exterior of Full Bloom sculpture

Full Bloom

paint on steel, concrete, 48″ x 62″ x 62″, 2013

Full Bloom is about the intensity of the compacted self. It is a mini temple for one person. It has a painting on the outside of the dome and another on the inside of the dome. The space is small, so only smaller adults or children might have the idea to go under it, so the inside is meant to be a surprise for the curious. Full Bloom has two different shapes painted on it in repeating patterns, “I Am Free” and “Beautiful Mess”. It is made from one 37″ diameter steel hemisphere with four 12″ hemispheres attached to the sides at an angle. The steel domes sit on top of four concrete columns made of stacked cylinders of concrete.

Full Bloom Inside
Underneath, looking up



Full Bloom and Drawings
Full Bloom and Drawings at the Dougherty Art Center



Full Bloom and Circle Walk Drawing
Under Full Bloom and Circle Walk Drawing


Looking down on top of Shining Apollo sculpture

Shining Apollo, Descending Apollo

Shining Apollo: paint and patina on steel, concrete, 92″ x 88″ x 88″, 2013

Descending Apollo: the drop from the dome, paint and patina on steel, 60″ x 60″ x 6″, 2013

Sculpture as a tribute to the sun. The shape was chosen by making many quick ink drawings to find dynamic shape that worked well in circular composition.

Click on this post to see the process of making Shining Apollo.






photo by Melissa Bartling

Side view of framed gesture drawings on gallery wall, Umlauf Sculpture Garden

Umlauf Gestures

mixed media on paper, 10″x14″, 2013

In April 2013, I was the Featured Artist at the annual Garden Party at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden. It was quite an honor, and quite the night.

I produced 20+ drawings using the geometry and gestures of my hand to benefit the Umlauf. These were sold at the event and given as gifts to the board members.

More details:


photo by Studio Uma
Hand drawing
photo by Studio Uma
Hand drawings
photo by Studio Uma
Hand drawings more
photo by Studio Uma
photo by Payam Golshan