People looking at Art Installations, EAST 2013 at Fisterra Studio by Dante Dominick

EAST 2013 at Fisterra Studio by Dante Dominick


The map of Austin chalked on the field at Hedonic Map exhibition opening at CoLab

Right There: Hedonic Map of Austin Show Images at…


All images by Linsday Hutchens

Image of House at Fisterra Studio, EAST

The Joy Circus that is EAST at Fisterra Studio


There is so much fun that happens at the East Austin Studio Tour every year that I have started keeping an online log of posts and photos of the annual experience.

If you have posted pictures to Flickr or your website that you would like to share, please send them on!

Fisterra Studio by Tracy Castro
Fisterra Studio by Tracy Castro

I am really grateful to have these community collective Flickr pictures. Thank you so much!

Austin Chronicle’s Best of 2012 Photo Gallery

Philip Roger’s Photos from EAST 2012

Dante Dominick’s Photos from EAST 2012

Roomfu blog

Art Alliance Austin’s EAST Preview Party 2011

Judith Simonds’ photos of EAST 2011

KLRU’s Collective EAST interview with Jennifer Chenoweth with footage of show

Andrea Pramuk’s Video Tour of the 2011 Show

Dante Dominick’s Photos from EAST 2010

Work by various artists plus Fisterra Guest Artists Wells Mason and Johnny Walker in 2010 by Art Alliance Austin

Art Alliance Austin’s EAST Preview Party 2010

More Preview Party 2010 by Art Alliance Austin


Friends at Sacred Space Art Party viewing the art, Dougherty Arts Center

Sacred Space Art Party Pictures

I love having fun playing with my friends, so I try to throw good parties. Please hold me fully accountable if I throw a boring art party. Thank you to the Dead Music Capital Marching Band for undeadening things up with their zombie no rx pharmacy review. Thank you to Beth Coffey and Sebastian Miles for helping attend the refreshments. Thank you to Beth Coffey and Marlon McAllister for dancing a drawing for us at the opening. Here is what you saw or missed:

Boom truck lifting on the top piece of Apollo sculpture outside the Dougherty Arts Center, Sacred Space installation

Sacred Space Installation Pictures

For my solo show at the Julia C. Butridge Gallery at the Dougherty Art Center, I created large projects that relied on friends and helpers to make and install. While planning the show, the Gallery Director Melissa Bartling was incredibly supportive and helpful, and got Parks and Recreation to supply a boom crane for the install. So many folks helped that I want to show you pictures of the install and very much thank everyone who helped. It was truly a collaboration to have in installation go so well.

The show Sacred Space was funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future. So thank you for all who helped me get that support, atlantic pharmacy miami fl including Laurence Miller of Fluent~Collaborative, and my many friends who helped edit and write letters of recommendation.

On the LONG list of people who I am deeply grateful for their help who are staff at the City of Austin: Melissa Bartling, Mary Brogan, Steve Weaver, Alex Serna, Mike Garza, Norma Zapata, and all of the gallery staff who kept an eye on the show, gave me feedback, and answered visitors’ questions.

Thank you so much to my friends who helped: Eunice Garza, Larry Vanston, Robby Lee, Jake Lenahan, Humberto Trevino Jr., Carly Walker, Beth Coffey, Brendon Bigelow, Sebastian Miles, Randy Bounds, Todd Campbell, Blake Smith, Marlon McAllister, Yeni Woodall, Erin Coupal, Elaine Holton, and probably another dozen more. Could not have done it without you!!

Gallery view during Umlauf Garden Party Event

Umlauf Garden Party Event Pictures

For 2013, Jordan Jeffus was the Garden Party Chair for the annual amazing Umlauf Garden Party in April. She asked me if I would be the Featured Artist for the event, and I was quite honored, but I was still very surprised at the graciousness and generosity that I was given in working with Nina Seely, Emily Pratte, Kristin Olin, Diane Sikes, and installation crew.

Thank you to Studio Uma and Payam Golsham for taking such great pictures.

The week before the event, we hung a whole show of my work in the gallery. I’ve included some installation shots of that here, followed by pictures from the most surprising evening of delight. My favorite drink was the VIP cocktail (Tito’s Greyhound); they had a VIP lounge for me to meet the board of directors, two amazing bands played all night for me and my dance partners to enjoy, the Nash Hernandez Jr. Orchestra and the amazing buy cialis generic Ruby Jane. There was food from amazing caterers and a lovely barstaff all throughout the garden. My art that I donated to their auction, Calendar Drips, was the color and graphic theme of the whole party (which I have to say looked great), and I got to help the live auctioneer sell the work to benefit one of our loveliest arts destinations in town. Somehow the spirit of Charles Umlauf graced me that evening, and I enjoyed the beauty of his world. Basically, it was like they threw a big wedding party for me as an artist. It was astonishing and fun, and I am very grateful to have had that beautiful breeze fill my sails to create more art.

Read more and see pictures in this article in, on, and here on the FB event page for the Garden Party.

Bridget Quinn and friend on bench in back yard, EAST 2012 at Fisterra Studio by Philip Rogers,

EAST 2012 at Fisterra Studio by Philip Rogers


Group photo of 2012 EAST Artists at Fisterra Studio, by Dante Dominick

EAST 2012 at Fisterra Studio by Dante Dominick



Cityscape in a silhouette of a person in front of a curtained window, Tertulia at Continental Club Gallery

Tertulia at Continental Club Gallery

164233_10200604722273477_856164433_nTertulia is produced by Gretchen Harries Graham. On Thursday, May 2, 2013, ‘SHE SAID,’ was a performance hosted at the Continental Club Gallery as part of the West Austin Studio Tour programming.

Tertulia is based on the Iberian tradition of sharing the arts for art’s sake. Free community event. Performances included: Finley Sexton, Lucy’s Kite, GHG, Harmoni-Sarah-Noelle-Charlie, Timothy Ogene, Jesse Sublett, David Jewell, Nathan Brown (Poet Laureate of Oklahoma), Jennifer Chenoweth, Bernadette Noll, Elana James, Nathan Hamilton, Jena Kirkpatrick, Dan Dyer, Guilia Milanta & Kellie Salome.  Nice company to be in!

KUT Views and Brews

KUT Views and Brews

KUT Views and Brews

March 26, 2013 Entrepreneurship and Austin Music @ 6:00pm @ the Cactus Cafe

Join photographer and author of “The Sound of Austin“, Mathew Sturtevant, along with Tamir Kalifa of the band Mother Falcon, Jennifer Chenoweth of Generous Art, and Scott Ward, owner of Strange Brew Coffee House to discuss art and innovation in Austin. We’ll  talk about unique opportunities that artists, business tramadol online without prescription owners and musicians are creating for themselves in the Austin area, and what’s still needed to make things easier for entrepreneurship in the arts. We hope to see you Tuesday at 6pm at the Cactus Cafe on the University of Texas at Austin campus.

More about KUT’s Views and Brews HERE.