Hedonic Map Visualization 2013 ArcScene

Hedonic Map Visualizations 2013

Hedonic Map 2013 Lake to Lake Hedonic Map Visualization 2013 Downtown Hedonic Map Visualization 2013 Central AustinDigital Images created in Photoshop, ArcScene, and ArcGIS, 24″x24″, each 2013

The images utilize and are keyed to a color spectrum of the emotions by Robert Plutchik, who theorized how all emotions buying tramadol online uk work together to create wholeness in our selves. From his theory, my own data collected through interactive surveys, and specialized mapping programs, I created this visualization of the collective Austin experience.

People laying on ground taking a photo of themselves on the field map at Hedonic Map exhibition opening at CoLab

Outdoor Scale Map of Austin at CoLab


Chalk and Flags, 10″x23″x23″, 2013

Outdoor installation view of the Hedonic Map at Co-Lab Projects. Images by Linsday Hutchens.


People marking the field with their favorite places on outdoor installation of Hedonic Map during exhibition opening at CoLab
Marking the field with favorite places
Outdoor Installation - Flags
Colored survey flags
Installation Night View
Finding places on the map
Hedonic Map Outdoor Installation
Using soccer field chalk, we created a scale map of Austin at CoLab
Hedonic Map Chart of Emotions, CoLab

Topography of Emotions

80″ x 80″ ink on paper, 2013

Drawing of color and topographic lines. Images by Linsday Hutchens.
Installation View

View of Plutchik flower, Hedonic Map, UT Department of Psychology

Hedonic Map, The University of Texas at Austin Department…

On view and ready for your input: The Hedonic Map of Austin is currently installed in the lobby, stairwell, and 5th floor conference room at The University of Texas at Austin Department of Psychology. The SEA building is on the northwest corner of Speedway and Dean Keeton Avenue on the UT campus.

You can see the history of the project, the arial photograph of Austin, the October tramadol online 2013 results of the survey, paper forms of the survey to fill out, and diagrams of Plutchik’s chart of emotions with artistic interpretations and narrative answers to the 20 questions on the public survey. We are really excited that the Department of Psychology wanted to host and collaborate on this Hedonic Map.



The map of Austin chalked on the field at Hedonic Map exhibition opening at CoLab

Right There: Hedonic Map of Austin Show Images at…


All images by Linsday Hutchens