People laying on ground taking a photo of themselves on the field map at Hedonic Map exhibition opening at CoLab

Outdoor Scale Map of Austin at CoLab


Chalk and Flags, 10″x23″x23″, 2013

Outdoor installation view of the Hedonic Map at Co-Lab Projects. Images by Linsday Hutchens.


People marking the field with their favorite places on outdoor installation of Hedonic Map during exhibition opening at CoLab
Marking the field with favorite places
Outdoor Installation - Flags
Colored survey flags
Installation Night View
Finding places on the map
Hedonic Map Outdoor Installation
Using soccer field chalk, we created a scale map of Austin at CoLab
Hedonic Map Chart of Emotions, CoLab

Topography of Emotions

80″ x 80″ ink on paper, 2013

Drawing of color and topographic lines. Images by Linsday Hutchens.
Installation View

Prototype of My Rome

Prototype (my Rome)

Installation view of multiple pieces of architectural sculpture in concrete, plaster, wood and paper, shown here 5?x40?x30?, 1999

A study of Roman architecture and how these proportions relate to social dynamics. Arches of two circle geometry represent feelings of inclusion or being overpowered. Three sphere geometrical architecture recalls the Trinity, the masculine nature of the religious is buying tramadol online legal architecture. Like the ruins, the floor plans and geometry are more visible as the structures deteriorate, revealing the inherent dynamics within the structure.

Prototype, alternate view
Prototype, concrete, plaster, wood, paper
Prototype models
Prototype models, paper, clay


Wood and concrete, 30’x40’x4′, 1999

Large outdoor installation of sculpture based on architectural geometry

Arcade model 1
Arcade model, cardboard, clay
Arcade, detail
Arcade, detail, concrete wood ink
Arcade, side detail
Arcade, detail, concrete, wood, ink
Arcade, Basillica View
Arcade, detail
Creative Research Lab, Few, Some, Many, More, Installation

Creative Research Lab, “Few, Some, Many, More” installation

Installation of Yellow Emphatic, Quattro Blue Steel Rendering, Yellow Emphatic Painted with Oomph, and Quattro Blue, with original sculpey shapes, collaboration with Todd Campbell for forged work

Triangulated Spheres, Energy, painting


Energy Triptych, enamel on stainless steel, 57″x20″x2″ each, 2009

Triangulated Spheres, owdercoated and painted steel, installation dimensions vary, area shown here 60?x80?x5?, 2009

Detail view, largest sphere 5? diameter

Created simultaneously with Energy, Triangulated Spheres came from a psychological influence—family dynamics, with a pattern generated by two primary how to buy tramadol online “mates” and two offspring. The pattern regenerates along a mathematical principal, or not, as space and borders allow.

Triangulated Spheres, detail
Triangulated Spheres, detail
Triangulated Spheres Rules
Triangulated Spheres Rules


Triangulated Spheres
Triangulated Spheres

Wayfinding: Installation view 2010

Wayfinding, installation view of 102′ long hall, with Morgann Berg viewing the piece.

Installed at the AT&T Courtyard Gallery as part of the Visual Art Center’s Exhibitions through The University of Texas at Austin.

Solo exhibition: May 13 – August 27, 2010

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Chenoweth’s flowing three-dimensional wall installation is inspired by the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. She has created a unique topography how to get tramadol online utilizing the lengthy, traveling space of the gallery in a way that has not yet been explored.  Chenoweth’s methods and process for this piece include ink drawings on rice paper, torch-cut metal, dripped paint, and repeating spiraling cones in cast plaster.

Curated by Jade Walker, Visual Arts Center, Department of Art and Art History, The University of Texas at Austin.