Jen embracing pipe sculpture, KLRU Arts in Context

KLRU Arts in Context

by Ed Fuentes

KLRU’s Arts in Context— explores the making of Generous Art, an online gallery dedicated to raising money for nonprofits and artists, while going behind-the-scenes with the group’s founder and some of the showcased artists. Founded in 2011, Generous Art envisions art purchases as community-oriented transactions — rejecting the idea that art collection is a selfish endeavor or an isolated event. Generous Art replaces time consuming auction fundraisers with a purchase process that simultaneously funds the artist, a nonprofit and the mission of Generous Art. —

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Form and Movement from Jennifer Chenoweth

by Jackie Stone

Some art is all about reproducing life or creating a statement. Some art is all about movement, feel and pure artistic practice.

The work by Austin’s Jennifer Chenoweth could be said to fall mostly into the latter category. She creates both paintings and sculpture, both of which can start either from a concrete concept or from the practice of gestural drawing and calligraphy. –-READ FULL ARTICLE–

Sphere of Influence painting,

Artmuse Interview

Circle of Influence print,

Sphere of Influence

My friend Bonnie Glendinning asked me to create artwork especially for–. This is where the conversation has gone so far:

“Please welcome our newest artist, Jennifer Chenoweth, to ––. Jennifer is a creative force to behold. You will always be delighted with her art–whether it is the diversity of the materials, range of ideas, bold color combinations, variety of topics, or just her sheer determination to make it all happen. Jennifer’s process is about the journey and where it will take her. Where ever it takes Jennifer, in turn, she offers you an opportunity to experience something new.

She has created two new pieces especially for ––: Sphere of Influence and Circle of Influence were inspired by her investigation into human scale, proportion, and architecture.

Read –an INTERVIEW and in-depth discussion– between Reese Darby and Jennifer Chenoweth about architecture, painting, philosophy, and parenthood. Revealing the beautiful moiré effect with her work and life, Chenoweth speaks effortlessly, gracefully and with humor about these complex topics.”

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Jen in Studio, 2008, by Rodolfo Gonzalez

Slideshow of house and studio

Here is a slideshow of photographs taken by Austin American-Statesman photographer Rodolfo Gonzalez of the house and studio in November 2008.

You can see how I live and how I have made choices to personalize my space. It has a few interesting studio shots, and goofy pictures of me.