Hell Heaven July 29

The amazing Andrea Grimm busted out most of the grinding, and then we made what is basically the crate and armature of the piece out of scrap buy tramadol for dogs wood, and laid out the hexagonal parts of heaven, and now you can see what one of the two pieces is starting to look like.

Hell Heaven July 24

Next I started cutting out the shapes with a plasma cutter from the curved sheet steel. It went a lot faster than sheet steel, so I got it all cut out in about 8 hours, atlantic drugs review which was good, because its 103* here in Austin.

Hell Heaven July 15

This project would not be completed, because of my conflicting deadlines, without the help of my delightful studio intern Andrea Grimm, a fine arts undergraduate student at The University of Texas. She is bright, pleasant and industrious, and understands my abstract instructions quite well.

This is a picture of the 4’x8′ sheet of 1/8″ aluminum stenciled with the repeating shape. We made it a little tramadol online pharmacy bigger in scale than the paper plan, meaning the negative spaces for “Hell” will be in more sections. After Andrea spray painted the stencil onto the aluminum, it went to a shop to get run through a sheet metal bender and curved to a half circle with a 5’2″ diameter.

Hell and Heaven, July 7

I spent two days of the July 4 weekend creating patterns out of the ink drawings, both in photoshop and with paper and tape.

I tried out arches, octagons, hexagons, pentagons and quads, finally settling on a finalist that I nicknamed “genie” as a hexagon positive for heaven. I liked its line quality and its dynamic shape as a single, a double, and a hexagon. And I liked the negative shapes it left on its remaining sheet. I tried several different arrangements of the drops to make a hexagon negative for hell.  I think I found one I’m interested in, and imagine it will change a bit once its made to scale. Part of the process is planning the best I can, and being open to change and improvements.

My fabulous helper Andrea Grimm helped by projecting and cutting out the stencil, and spray painting the stencil onto the sheet of aluminum buy cheap tramadol online full size. We made a few adjustments as she worked. It was really cool to get to explain my process to her and let her go at it. She’s smart. She also helped with the math: I’m good at geometry, she’s good at algebra. She left me this lovely simple note: C=16,  D=C/pi, C/pi=piD/pi  D=5.093, R=2.55, sweet!

Artist Virginia Fleck recommended Crippen Sheet Metal in Austin, who will roll the sheet into a half circle on Monday.

In the bottom photo, the shape on the left is the “heaven” piece, and the shape on the bottom right is the start of the “hell” piece. The dome is a finished piece of art called “Moon” that is a 5″ hemisphere that I used as a scale model of a 5′ dome.

Tomorrow I’ll post a picture of the stenciled, flat sheet metal, ready for bending into a half circle.

Hell and Heaven, July 3

Today I started by making ink drawings for the piece. I am considering whether I want to incorporate the straight edges of the sheet metal. I made lots of 4″x8″ and 4″x4″ sheets of paper as 1″=1′ scale mockups for the art. As I drew I made simple variations of a theme, considering what makes a dynamic atlantic pharmacy line — why some gestural drawings are more compelling than others. I also realized I could make faceted domes with mirrored arcs. So then I started fooling around in Photoshop to see which shapes could fit the size of sheet with enough cutouts, and made models out of card stock.

Hell and Heaven, June 30

I have been asked by David Solomon to create and exhibit two works for a show in Santa Fe in August and September titled “Hell and Heaven”.

About the show: Santa Fe Community College’s School of Arts and Design Visual Arts Gallery presents “Hell and Heaven”, a two- part show curated by David Solomon. The exhibitions examine the artist’s internal ideas of Hell and Heaven in a time of political, social, and economic disruption. The exhibition is presented in two parts with Hell presented first to convey the progression from dark to light.

“Hell” runs from Aug. 25 through Sept. 9, 2011. The opening reception is on Thursday, Aug. 25 from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.
“Heaven” runs from Sept. 15 through Sept. 29, 2011. The opening reception is on Thursday, Sept. 15 from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

I often journal about my work as I make it, so I have a record of my creative process. Since the pieces for this show are complex, I wanted to more publicly record (blog about) the process of making these works, so you can see how I get from point A to point Z.

It is odd proposing the work before you make buy tramadol online cheap something that has never existed before. But if I didn’t have a show and a deadline, I would make art that required fewer resources — time and money are tight. The statement about the work (with dimensions and media) is due to the gallery.  I know I want to create two “domes”; I know I have two sheets of 4’x8′ aluminum that I want to use for this piece.  Here is what I proposed:

*Project calligraphic shapes from artist’s drawings onto sheet metal,
*Cut out positive shapes using plasma cutter,
*Collect both positive and negative drops from cutting process,
*Bend them in sheet roller into perfect half circle arcs,
*Finding midpoint of arcs, attaching the shapes at midpoint,
*Fan out shapes so they create a hemisphere (dome),
*Hang dome and paint interior and exterior of dome with paint durable for interior or exterior,
*Paint will include unique color palette and marks, further creating the Positive and Negative concept of the two pieces for “Hell” and “Heaven”.

For these two domes, Hell and Heaven, I look at process and totality, considering the concept of opposites as two parts of a whole.

Jen’s Posole Recipe

Recipe for large batch of  Northern New Mexican POSOLE BLANCO

In ONE giant tamale steaming pot (can hold about 4 gallons total), add:

5 giant (108 oz) cans of white hominy (posole blanco) (Bush’s or Juanitas)

4 13 oz containers of mild Bueno green chile  (or 2/3 hot/medium)

(In Austin, available at Fresh Plus, or order online from Bueno Foods)

6 bay leaves

6 cubes vegetable bullion or vegetable stock

6 cups (or more) cans water, rinsing out large posole cans of their hominy stock

Turn stove on medium high and begin heating. After this boils, reduce to simmer

In large cast iron pan, add:

1/2 cup olive oil

6 large crushed and chopped fresh garlic cloves

¼ cup chopped fresh rosemary

¼ cup tablespoons chopped fresh oregano

Sea salt and ground black pepper to taste

1 tablespoon crushed red pepper

3 finely chopped large white onions

1 large bunch chopped fresh parsley

1 large bunch chopped fresh cilantro

Allow this to simmer until onions are translucent, then add this to the large pot of stew & stir.  If creating a side batch of vegan is it legal to purchase tramadol online posole for vegan/vegetarian guests, take out about 6 cups of stew and simmer in separate, smaller pot for equal time as chicken batch

Without cleaning cast iron pan, add to it:

5 lbs chopped all-natural chicken thighs, (about 1-1/2 to 2 lbs per big can posole).  My large cast iron pan will hold about 5 lbs, for the 5 can batch I use about 5 lbs of chicken thighs

1/4 cup olive oil

juice of one lime per big can posole

Cook chicken in lime juice, then add to big pot when done

Depending on how long you cook down the stew, you will stir and reconstitute with water every few hours. At minimum, plan to cook 4 hours before serving, at best, cook over a 24 hour period. Can be reheated and/or frozen

This is a big batch of food made for big parties. It is gluten free, and easily makes vegan and chicken batches, pleasing most guests. I serve with limes, tortillas, chips and salsa

Shame versus Joy

This is what I had to say about the idea of shame in the context of viewing Womanscape: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in African Art: people go to great lengths to avoid feeling shame. Shame is a tool used to control and manipulate others’ behaviors, especially around the subject of sex. Shame is one way to control an individual within a family or community, so they do not change and threaten the survival of the group by deviant behavior, or simply by behavior that deviates from what the group wants the individual to do.

In the southern bible belt culture I was raised in, sex outside of marriage was forbidden and shameful, and was the fault of women for provoking sexual urges (even if not even trying, themselves, to be provocative). Therefore women were shamed and punished for their sexuality, physicality, sensuality, rather than enjoyed, and certainly not celebrated. So to look at images of a naked woman, a fertile woman, a pregnant woman, a mother, in context of anything less than chaste or modest display, might create feelings of desire toward someone not virginal and not one’s own wife – therefore creating a cause for shame. It is hard to experience that enjoyment or desire publicly when it becomes transferred to taboo or voyeurism, which is shameful or secretive.

So to put on display, particularly on a large video screen, the video piece by Orisagbemi Arigbabuwo titled “Pygmalion” a beautiful, fit black woman’s body being body-painted by an artist with a brush, and posing and laughing, and clearly enjoying the sensual attention, is quite a challenge to the idea that one is to feel shameful about looking at the body or being a body. What I was most interested in, is that the woman in the video has a mother’s belly, like mine, one with unmistakable stretchmarks from bearing a child. What is shown is a provocative and beautiful, joyous and celebratory image of a fertile woman and a mother.

As someone who experienced being shamed and punished for my sexuality, and even gender, when growing up, especially during my teen years in a sexually repressive and abusive household, I am very sensitive to when someone is trying to shame me for my sexuality or body now. And still, I am a small person, and unable to defend myself physically from someone much larger than me, and I know what that experience is like. So my strength, attitude, self-acceptance and defiance go toward protecting myself socially, but that doesn’t do much good in a dark alley or around aggressive bullies. But I did, very much, enjoy watching this video, which is thick with the joy of womanhood.

The show at the Visual Arts Center at The University of Texas is only up for another week, go see it. Curated by Dr. Moyo Okediji.

Dans le miroir postérieur de vue

Foot carved in marble

Mon dieu, mais c’est les qualités spéciales qui créent la fixation d’erotique. Pour moi, et pour le désir de sensation de personne. Un pied de l’homme est très unique. La forme du pied, la force, l’usure des étapes du voyage, la preuve de soin ou le manque, et la finesse de détail. Le chemin que le pied a marché à moi, la vulnérabilité de ma langue sur lui. Merci, monsieur, je suis plu votre buying generic xanax esprit est intrigué par mes idées. Est-cela un ordre? Oui monsieur. J’attends avec l’impatience pour être conforme à votre ordre. J’attends avec l’impatience pour toucher vos pieds. Je suis votre humble serviteur, mon roi. Faites attention pour flirter avec moi en français des pieds, mon cher l’un. Je suis une femme vulnérable. Et passionné. C’est vrai, je suis une lionne. Bon voyages !