Fisterra Studio 2012 EAST Shows

East Austin Studio Tour 2012


Fisterra Studio 2012 EASTEast Austin Studio Tour 2012

November 10 & 11, 11am-6pm, free and open to the public

November 17 & 18, 11am-6pm, free and open to the public

Art Alliance Austin Preview party Thursday, November 8 from 6-10pm. Tickets available on their site: includes catering, bar and DJ, several different shuttled selected stops as preview of the tour.

Making it better every year are Fisterra Studio’s guest artists:


Cultural Arts Division, City of Austin
EAST at Fisterra Studio is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future. Visit Austin at

Stella Alesi

Monique Capanelli

Autumn Ewalt and Dharmesh Patel

Wells Mason

Gretchen order tramadol online overnight Phillips

Bridget Quinn

Philip Rogers

Erik Tragus

Friends old, friends new.
Homemade posole, local brew.
Come to see, come to talk.
Breathe the air, take the walk.






 Sponsored by Dulce Vida Tequila


Special MUSIC events:

November 10 at 6pm, Gretchen Phillips Disco Plague will perform

 “Her choice to put a lesbian point of view front and center in her songs
has been cited as an inspiration to such indie pop sensations as Le Tigre,
The Butchies and Pansy Division. Her bold and creative use of Casio presets
has been cited as an influence on Austin’s own foul-mouthed music
sensation Hug. And, very arguably, where would Riot Grrrrl be without
Meat Joy, her seminal first band, which artfully combined sexual politics
with lots of humor?” review from Culture Map.
(And I, Jennifer Chenoweth, saw both Meat Joy and Two Nice Girls
play in Deep Ellum in the 80’s. Crazy.)
November 17 at 2pm, Holiday Mountain will perform
Holiday Mountain is a psych-dub-pop trio of Boston Berklee grads.
They recently moved to Austin, TX to further spread their Anti-Shame
movement through positive lyrics, heavy grooves, synthesizers,
and dance moves we guarantee you’ve never seen before.