footdetail from paintings Writings

Freedom and Connection

footdetailI used to experience freedom only when alone. At first it was seeking refuge outdoors from my family. Then I found it in books. I found it in my studio. I found it driving fast in a car, riding my motorcycle, racing down a mountain on skis. Outdoors in nature, feeling solitude and safety; sitting in a tree watching; hiking unobserved. Swimming at UT’s giant swimming pool. I love those kinds of freedom, I still pursue those experiences. But I have had enough surprising experiences with others lately that I have begun to pick up a new scent to follow: the transcendent freedom that comes with openly and freely engaging someone in conversation, dance, touch, or play. I want to bring that atlantic drugs intimacy into my studio practice and ask people who I trust to engage with me in making drawings with me. Drawings are a low investment of materials and time, so there is more freedom to let go in the process and see what happens without attachment to outcome. The work I will be showing at the “Sacred Space” show in June will hopefully document some of the pieces that I make in the next month that engage others. I have made a few already. I want the drawings to be records of the experiences that I have in trusting.  I want to document the sacred space between you and me.