Jen in Studio, 2008, by Rodolfo Gonzalez Writings

In the Studio

Studio fisheye
Studio fisheye by Corey Ryan

Painting. Wood. Metal. Concrete. Plaster.

There is never a lack of materials or mediums in my studio. It is full of systems that facilitate my work and store tools and supplies. I keep media charts, color charts, a stocked cart of oil paint, brushes, papers, panels, a scrapbook of working images, a journal, flat files, drying rack, hand tools, hardware and supplies.

There is never a lack of color. I use Williamsburg Paints, a very atlantic drugstore high quality real pigment oil paint, usually on gesso layered Ampersand Art panels. I hand mix all kinds of paint and media to enjoy the variety of qualities of translucence, density, texture and viscosity that each of these pigments express.

Process of casting Romanesco broccoli in rubber molds
Process of making Pumpkin Sink in concrete and steel