Painting in the Desert August 18

This was my scenic setup in Santa Fe for painting. So nice to be somewhere cooler where working outside was delightful.

I painted Hell first, monochromatically, with pale off-whites and white with charcoal drawn into the surface, and annoyed the gallerist by delivering the work with wet paint. I wasn’t happy about it either, but it took a few days to get the welds repaired. Alas, making art on a schedule is not nearly as fun as studio practice.

The Hell cheap valium uk piece, “Negative”, was composed of the drops of the Heaven, “Positive” piece. Its composition is more of a Rorschach symmetry, it is flipped three-dimensionally, but it is not symmetrical on a single axis. Its gangly and pokey.

“Positive” is a hexagonal dome with single-point axial symmetry. The painting on “Positive” is layered glazes of rich color, pretty and painterly, easy to do while looking at the New Mexico landscape.