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Philadelphia Style: “11 Innovative Artists Who Are Redefining the…

Jennifer Chenoweth’s XYZ Atlas was recently featured in Philadelphia Style’s list of the “best, the boldest, and the buzziest” artists from 11 cities across the US.

“This spring, artist Jennifer Chenoweth unveiled the final installment in her collaborative multimedia project XYZ Atlas, which employs art, technology, and psychology to illustrate how Austinites feel about places around their city. Over a three-year period, 500 people responded to her surveys, which asked questions like “Where did you fall in love?” and “Where did you have your buy cialis canada worst night?” Inspired by Robert Plutchik’s color wheel of emotions (lemon yellow for joy, dark green for terror, and so on) and using geospatial information systems technology, Chenoweth created The Hedonic Map of Austin, which depicts where residents have felt their highs and lows. The happiest point is a lemon-yellow peak right over Barton Springs and Zilker Park, the urban oasis in this outdoors-obsessed city.”

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