Drawing Lines

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History: Austin previously had at-large representation on its city council. In November 2014, the city will transition to a system where council members represent specific districts. This new political landscape presents many opportunities and challenges to the city as well as its citizens.

Collaborators: GO collaborative team, Fisterra Studio, Public City, Austin Creative Alliance, and the City of Austin; funded by ArtPlace America

ArtPlace America logoProject: Collaborate with ten artists working within each district to create a work that expresses a collective understanding of Austin’s buy ativan online cheap diverse communities.The project ran from Fall 2014 – Fall 2015, culminating in public exhibitions. Artists’ projects and the City of Austin’s GIS-based cultural asset maps were featured.



District 1, Los Outsiders
District 2, Debora Esquinazi and Carrie Kenny
District 3, Adrian Quesada
District 4, Zell Miller
District 5, Sonya Cote
District 6, Josef Kristofoletti
District 7, Teruko Nimura
District 8, Otis Ike
District 9, Jack Sanders
District 10, Steve Parker