Generous Art

Generous Art Dot Org logoIn 2010, Jennifer Chenoweth wanted to find a way to raise money for the many Austin nonprofits and help artists sell their work in a cooperative online marketplace.

She started an online website, that sold artists’ work, with sales going 50% to the artist, 30% to the buyer’s choice nonprofit, and 20% to Generous Art.

Through online sales and over 45 popup exhibitions and events, Generous Art sold over $60,000 worth of art and has raised over $22,000 for area nonprofits. With popup exhibitions at locations such as Gensler, Page/, Capital Factory, Penn Field, SXSW, and Blackbaud, we were able to reach a market to truly support community.

In 2017, Generous Art merged with Big Medium and focused its efforts on artists’ professional development, rebranding as Creative Standard.