Sacred Space

Vitiruvian ManNew artist’s statement about current artwork:

Historically, painting told the stories of a culture on the surfaces of sacred purchasing tramadol online spaces such as caves and temples. Today, visual storytelling has mainly moved to photography and film, and imagination and ideas are expressed in all creative mediums. What remains unique to visual art is the hand of the artist and the visceral relationship of the art object to both the maker and viewer of the art.

Art-making is my primary spiritual action. Creating art allows me to express my unique manifestation as a body and as a conscious being.

“Sacred Space” explores the space of the human body through architectural sculpture and gestural mark-making. I create forms that unify these ideas, such as a dome that is the diameter of my reach. Using the indexical movement of my arm, I draw and paint on the surface.  The finished artworks are both sculpture and painting.

So I may better understand how sacred space is created through geometry and form, I have studied the evolution of historical sacred architecture from Etruscan to Greek to Roman to Christian. Early temples used domes to represent the feminine. For example, the dome relates to the mother figure.  Catholic cruciform shapes represent the masculine, with vertical space representing the trinity.

Before construction, I create drawings and scale models to help me consider the sizes and proportions of the artworks as well as how to place the artwork in relationship to viewers. Some artworks explore the personal space of one body, while others describe the spatial relationship between several bodies at once. Family relationships and the dynamics of people in groups are important themes of my work, but some artworks are simply the practice of making marks in space with my unique hand in a variety of materials.Sphere of Influence