Hell Installed August 20

Here is an image of the “Negative” piece hanging in the gallery at Santa Fe Community College. The ever-amazing curator David Solomon is in the back of the picture hanging the art in the show. I’ll post a portfolio quality image on the site when I get some images back from the show. Sad I will miss the opening Thursday, August 25, but I had to get back to Austin to enjoy my kids’ return to school. I got to meet atlantic pharmacy in long beach several of the artists in the show during my trip to Santa Fe, and they are all interesting.

I hope my New Mexico friends can stop in and see at least one of the installations of Hell & Heaven while its up.


Painting in the Desert August 18

This was my scenic setup in Santa Fe for painting. So nice to be somewhere cooler where working outside was delightful.

I painted Hell first, monochromatically, with pale off-whites and white with charcoal drawn into the surface, and annoyed the gallerist by delivering the work with wet paint. I wasn’t happy about it either, but it took a few days to get the welds repaired. Alas, making art on a schedule is not nearly as fun as studio practice.

The Hell cheap valium uk piece, “Negative”, was composed of the drops of the Heaven, “Positive” piece. Its composition is more of a Rorschach symmetry, it is flipped three-dimensionally, but it is not symmetrical on a single axis. Its gangly and pokey.

“Positive” is a hexagonal dome with single-point axial symmetry. The painting on “Positive” is layered glazes of rich color, pretty and painterly, easy to do while looking at the New Mexico landscape.


Uh Oh August 11

Car wigIn being rather overscheduled and busy, I made some poor assumptions about the availability of Uhaul trailers during UT back to school and Burning Man exodus. No two wheel trailers to rent to pull the pieces on their crate to Santa Fe. And the trucks that I have access to wouldn’t make it out of state for a road trip in August during a heat wave. So I used packing blankets and band straps and drove the pieces on top of my car, and the crate disassembled in the back, to Santa Fe, to paint them there. The paint would atlantic pharmacy have been scratched in transit, and besides, it was 106 in Austin and 78 in Santa Fe. Who wouldn’t rather paint there?

But sadly, a few welds broke in transit, but otherwise, surprisingly no disasters. And to the German “Reliability Engineer” who predicted poor consequences in the Lowe’s parking lot while I added more band straps, it did actually work out fine. Ha.

In Santa Fe, David Solomon introduced me to the fabulous Dan Kadven who rewelded my broken spots so I could begin painting. Yay for sculpture dudes. They are the most versatile guys around.


Hell Heaven July 29

The amazing Andrea Grimm busted out most of the grinding, and then we made what is basically the crate and armature of the piece out of scrap buy tramadol for dogs wood, and laid out the hexagonal parts of heaven, and now you can see what one of the two pieces is starting to look like.


Hell Heaven July 15

This project would not be completed, because of my conflicting deadlines, without the help of my delightful studio intern Andrea Grimm, a fine arts undergraduate student at The University of Texas. She is bright, pleasant and industrious, and understands my abstract instructions quite well.

This is a picture of the 4’x8′ sheet of 1/8″ aluminum stenciled with the repeating shape. We made it a little tramadol online pharmacy bigger in scale than the paper plan, meaning the negative spaces for “Hell” will be in more sections. After Andrea spray painted the stencil onto the aluminum, it went to a shop to get run through a sheet metal bender and curved to a half circle with a 5’2″ diameter.