Circle of Influence print, 2009-2010 Catalog

Circle of Influence, Sphere of Influence

Digital archival print, size variable, 2010

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These two images are scans of existing oil paintings for the background, plus scans of some architectural images that are layered together. A combination of different floor plans and elevations of Roman architecture are atop each other on transparencies. These were scanned into one digital image which sits on top of the painterly drips. Sphere of Influence is the elevation view of different buildings, and, Circle of Influence is the plan view of different buildings.

Sphere of Influence painting,
Sphere of Influence painting,


Sphere of Influence painting, Press

Artmuse Interview

Circle of Influence print,

Sphere of Influence

My friend Bonnie Glendinning asked me to create artwork especially for–. This is where the conversation has gone so far:

“Please welcome our newest artist, Jennifer Chenoweth, to ––. Jennifer is a creative force to behold. You will always be delighted with her art–whether it is the diversity of the materials, range of ideas, bold color combinations, variety of topics, or just her sheer determination to make it all happen. Jennifer’s process is about the journey and where it will take her. Where ever it takes Jennifer, in turn, she offers you an opportunity to experience something new.

She has created two new pieces especially for ––: Sphere of Influence and Circle of Influence were inspired by her investigation into human scale, proportion, and architecture.

Read –an INTERVIEW and in-depth discussion– between Reese Darby and Jennifer Chenoweth about architecture, painting, philosophy, and parenthood. Revealing the beautiful moiré effect with her work and life, Chenoweth speaks effortlessly, gracefully and with humor about these complex topics.”

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