Austin Way: Wes Eichenwald “5 Can’t Miss Stops of…

Austin Way: Wes Eichenwald “5 Can’t Miss Stops of EAST 2014,” November 2014

“Can’t-Miss Stop #3: Fisterra Studio

Jennifer Chenoweth works in painting, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media, but she’s also renowned as a connector and community builder among Austin’s artist community. Perhaps no one else does E.A.S.T. with such enthusiasm and panache. Every year, Chenoweth invites guest artists—eight this season—to set up exhibit space in her home, while she shows her work in her studio and offers up homemade posole, kegs of beer, and other tramadol online next day delivery refreshments to visitors. “I don’t curate the art; it’s more the artist,” she says. “It’s much less intimidating than an art gallery for most people. It’s incredibly informal because it’s like a big, free community house party.” Among her guest artists this year are documentary filmmaker Aaron Weiss, performance artist Katelena Hernandez Cowles, painter Jason Webb, and sculptor-collagist Calder Kamin. “Diversity is what makes life interesting,” Chenoweth says. 1200 E. 2nd St., 512-482-0747″