Hedonic Map Visualization 2013 Downtown Press

Hedonic Map Project at CoLab, Video by David Lovas

Right There: Hedonic Map of Pleasure and Pain in Austin, Texas from Jennifer Chenoweth on Vimeo.

Help me make art: a Hedonic Map. I am launching a project that will first exhibit at Co-Lab in October 2013. I’ve been thinking about how we each have intense experiences in a certain places, and realize how connected we are to others who have similar experiences in the same spot, or could show on a map where he/she had the exact same feeling overtake tramadol online overnight him/her.

I want to make a map of those places of yours, of mine, of ours. I need your high-highs and your low-lows. I will create an installation: an emotional map of Austin, a Hedonic Map, so to speak. Austin, Texas: a city with so many awake people and intense experiences; I want to make a record of these lives in this place. Are there patterns?

Hedonic Map Zoom
October 2013 Downtown Zoom Map Visualization by Dave O’Donnell