2013-2015 Catalog


acrylic, chalk and graphite on paper, 107″ x 112″

This large drawing also had an iteration as a wall sculpture and study, “Le Galluce.” This large drawing on paper is a study of the floorplan of the Temple of Minerva Medica in Rome in the Licenian Gardens.
It is a large, mixed media, drawing on paper examining the geometry of the spacial relationships. It is drawn expressively, allowing the movement of my arms to radius circles.



You Are Here, Wright Gallery, Texas A&M, February 2015


Photos by Glen Vigus

2013-2015 Catalog


paint on steel, 24″ x 60″ x 96″

This piece is a full size sculpture that was originally made as a smaller wall sculpture and study, “Santa Maria de Fiore.”
The name is from the basilica in Italy from which the geometry of the floorplan inspired this piece.
Corpus, however, hangs at 40″ off of the floor, suspended from the ceiling from rods and chains.
It is proportioned for a person to lay on the ground under the piece and see themselves buy tramadol no prescription reflected in it, as well as to walk around it at approximately chest height for an adult.
The cruciform shape of a basilica is taken from the human form, and with this piece is brought back to human scale.
Its surface is painted as skin on a body.



Montano painting 2013-2015 Catalog


acrylic and graphite on paper, 107″ x 96″
Montano is a drawing from a floorplan only found in Giovanni Battista Montano’s sketchbooks. I can find no other visual reference for it.
Its looming figurative presence like a classical bust inspired me to draw it large. I very much imagined the viewpoints one would have walking into that building at any scale as I drew the shapes, columns and vaults of the plan.

EAST Austin Studio Tour Fisterra Artists 2014 News

East Austin Studio Tour 2014

EAST 2014 POSTCARDMore info about other stops at http://east.bigmedium.org/

Free and open to the public:

November 15-16, 11:00am – 6:00pm and again

November 22-23, 11:00am – 6:00pm

Austin visual artist Jennifer Chenoweth hosts her annual Austin party at her home and art studio during the 2014 EAST Austin Studio Tour. Enjoy refreshments and taste Jennifer’s homemade posole as you see her artwork in the context of where she makes the art. Fisterra Studio’s event is unique every year in that a new group of guest artists will be present and their work on display.

The theme for the art and artists this year is “Intimacy.” Any open house tour is fascinating for voyeurs who like to see how others live. This year at least three of the artists will be doing intimate interactive projects with and for visitors, the other artists’ subject matter is intimacy. Katelena offers one-on-one comfort-fetish rituals in an emotional day spa, Comfort Station. Jennifer will be producing drawings indexing the body space of visitors. Lisa will tramadol overnight shipping have an installation in the master bedroom about the minutiae of relationships. Wells’ work is about the private mirrored space between two planes. Jason’s work is an intimate study of the objects in our lives that we collect and discard. Aaron’s film documents the fragility of bodies in conversation with a mortician. Lauren’s installation in the bathroom will surprise. Calder’s interactive art projects examines our relationship with nature and the ways humans impact biodiversity.

Aaron Weiss

Calder Kamin

Jason Webb

Katelena Hernandez Cowles

Lauren Klotzman

Lisa Choinacky

Wells Mason

Their collective body of work ranges from 2D, 3D, film/video, installation and performance.  Check out their individual websites listed above.

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Cultural Arts Division, City of Austin
This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

Thank you Austin Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for inviting the world!


Thank you Texasian Travels!


Thank you Downtown Austin Alliance!


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Drawing Lines. Art Place Map Events

Drawing Lines: an ArtPlace Project

10-1MapThe GO collaborative team, Fisterra Studio, Public City, Austin Creative Alliance, and the City of Austin, is proud to announce Drawing Lines, an ArtPlace funded project.

Historically, Austin has had an at-large representation on its city council. However, in November 2014 the city will transition to a system where council members represent specific districts. This new political landscape presents many opportunities and challenges to the city as well as its citizens. This is where Drawing Lines comes in.

Through this project, can i buy tramadol online Fisterra Studio will collaborate with ten artists working within each district to create a work that expresses a collective understanding of Austin’s diverse communities. The project will run from Fall 2014 – Fall 2015, culminating in public exhibitions. Artists’ projects and the City of Austin’s GIS-based cultural asset maps will be featured.

More information is available at http://drawinglinesaustin.com

Thank you ArtPlace for this amazing opportunity to participate in documenting change through art.

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Hedonic Map Visualization 2013 ArcScene 2013-2015 Catalog

Hedonic Map Visualizations 2013

Hedonic Map 2013 Lake to Lake Hedonic Map Visualization 2013 Downtown Hedonic Map Visualization 2013 Central AustinDigital Images created in Photoshop, ArcScene, and ArcGIS, 24″x24″, each 2013

The images utilize and are keyed to a color spectrum of the emotions by Robert Plutchik, who theorized how all emotions buying tramadol online uk work together to create wholeness in our selves. From his theory, my own data collected through interactive surveys, and specialized mapping programs, I created this visualization of the collective Austin experience.