Larry's Polka 2013-2015 Catalog

Larry’s Polka

Larry's Polka

ink on paper, 72″x108″, 2013

This piece was made while German photographer Norman Hera was taking a portrait of me for his Austin Scene Exhibition at Praxis Krah, Marstallstraße 6, Erfurt, Germany.

In 2010, I did a Pecha Kucha presentation in which several friends polka-ed through the audience, including Larry Vanston who selected Dale Watson’s Fox on the Run for the music. Larry is one of my dance partners, and he has danced at the Smithsonian tramadol online no prescrip Folklife Festival in Washington D.C. to demonstrate Texas dance.

For this drawing, I put on Dale Watson’s Fox on the Run, inked up my feet, and polka-ed solo while Norman took pictures. The piece now hangs in Larry’s living room.

Jen Inking Up
photo by Norman Hera


Inky Feet
photo by Norman Hera