White silhouette of hand in a sphere, on a painted orange background, entitled Orange Hand 2013-2015 Catalog


oil and graphite on panel, 12″x12″x2″, 2013

oil and charcoal on panel, 12″x12″x2″, 2013

Hand Shadow Painting

Line Quality 2011-2012 Catalog

Line Quality

Oil, charcoal and graphite on plasma cut steel, set of 4, 62″x8″x8″ each

Four steel cylinders with surface drawings using a plasma cutter, pencil and brush, stand at human height, requiring the entirety of the body to move along the pipe, as if dancing. The pipes themselves are the 3-dimensional buy tramadol online no prescription steel canvas for the surface drawing in pencil, chalk and oil glazes.

On the KLRU Video about Generous Art, you can watch me work on these pieces.


Line Drawing sculpture, side view 1997-2004 Catalog

Line Drawing

Wood, plexiglass, graphite, steel, 108″x96″x168″, 1998

Line Arch Model
Model for understanding arch proportion

Curfed wood sculpture, creating a perspective illusion through elongated and splayed shapes; west atlantic pharmacy plexiglass forms a curving, expanded vaulted ceiling

Line Drawing sculpture, front view
Line Drawing sculpture, front view