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Second Chances

Revive and Reach

Not too often do we get second chances. If we’re really lucky or someone loves us, we might get more than one second chance. I am really excited that the Heaven and Hell pieces just sold to the Houston  Hobby Airport’s public art collection. They’re not hung yet, but I will excitedly send out an announcement when they are.

I don’t often set out to make the same thing twice. That’s why I can’t bake, because I just don’t like following recipes.

However, I had a contract with the City of Austin to hang “Heaven and Hell” in The People’s Gallery show through January of 2013. Fortunately, they allowed me to replace the two pieces that sold with two similar pieces for the duration of the year. So I just made and installed two new pieces. It was a second chance to go through a similar process and make different choices. On the first go-around, I plasma-cut the shapes and ground the edges after bending the sheet aluminum. This time, I had the shapes water-jet cut and then bent. “Revive” reads  more to me as a flower and I find the overlapping sections in the center to be really rich. I’m excited about the color palette of these. “Reach” is made from the negative drops of “Revive”, as crown or band shape at the equator of the space of my reach. “Revive” is the dome above my reach.   “Reach” has far less material than “Hell,” “Heaven,” or “Revive”, but it takes up more visual mass, which surprised me.

You can see a few more details of the “Revive” piece here.