Square with the World North Gate 2013-2015 Catalog

The Four Gates Drawings

ink and charcoal on paper, 105″x108″,each,  2013

The Four Gates Sculpture inspired four large drawings, each made by laying the large circles down onto large paper, asking friends to interact or compose themselves within the circle, and me drawing and painting a record of each in space and in relation to the circle.

Square with the World is the North Gate circle, the North Gate being that of selfless love. My friend Larry Vanston helped greatly in the conversation about decisions about the composition of the Four Gates, in addition to being a helpful neighbor and coming over every time I needed to move these huge things around. He made a very strong case that the gate of selfless love needed to be the largest circle. It is not a coincidence that the 96″ diameter circle is also the one that fits him all stretched out.

Since Larry’s polka drawing was a record of me dancing solo, this tramadol online no prescription drawing was one of the two of us doing a slow two-step to Mike Stinson’s Square With the World, a song that Larry chose for the piece.

Attachment is the East Gate circle, the East Gate being that of the acceptance of responsibility. My friends Carl and Claire, a couple, composed themselves in the circle.

Calculated Risk is the South Gate circle, the South Gate being that of the desire to explore. My friend Hart Blanton, a social psychologist and researcher, composed himself in the circle while looking at his iPhone reading the New York Times.

Saturation is the West Gate circle, the West Gate being that of the devotion to beauty. My beautiful friend Eunice Garza composed herself within this circle and allowed me to drench her with ink and let her play. I won’t show you a picture of that. But this is a record of her beauty on a page.