Prototype of My Rome 1997-2004 Catalog

Prototype (my Rome)

Installation view of multiple pieces of architectural sculpture in concrete, plaster, wood and paper, shown here 5?x40?x30?, 1999

A study of Roman architecture and how these proportions relate to social dynamics. Arches of two circle geometry represent feelings of inclusion or being overpowered. Three sphere geometrical architecture recalls the Trinity, the masculine nature of the religious is buying tramadol online legal architecture. Like the ruins, the floor plans and geometry are more visible as the structures deteriorate, revealing the inherent dynamics within the structure.

Prototype, alternate view
Prototype, concrete, plaster, wood, paper
Prototype models
Prototype models, paper, clay
Carnival Balloon Game at Art City Austin Shows

Art City Austin 2010


Booth Shot of Carnival Balloon Game

For Art City Austin in 2010, I created a portable 60″x120″ wall that held cast plaster formed from balloons. Participants shot waterguns filled with pigment at the balloons to create artwork and to try to win a prize. Prizes were trophies made from the plaster balloons.

Detail of plaster shapes on wall