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I read constantly. I love language. I write as a process toward clarity, so that my art-making process is more efficient, more precise, and has greater effect.

I have a confession to make, hidden in a post about writing: I am less interested in the finished piece of art as an aesthetic thing. I am interested in the process of making it: its motivation, its concept, its material form, its method of production, its process of manifestation, its presentation, its documentation, its display, its life in the world, your reaction to it. I am interested in the physical manifestation of the philosophic process of becoming and being. If you like an artwork and are attracted to its particular qualities, that is fabulous. If you can articulate what and why for me, that is what I really want. It helps me improve for the next go-round. The individual works of art are just place markers for me to understand the creative process and when it has been successful or not. This is probably why I am less concerned with the commercial value of the piece. The sale of the work relies on convincing a buyer of its worth. I think the participating in the process is worthy in and of itself. However, studio process takes time, and time costs money. And in order to do my best work I need your support, because my creativity adds great value to the world.

But back to writing:
I have a lot of friends who are writers, buy cialis 10mg rhetoricians, readers, editors and thinkers. I spend more time with these friends than I do with my artist friends. My language friends teach me things that complement my art practice. I am very grateful for this. I have friends whose brains amaze me. They proffer such gorgeous expertise. My ears are so lucky.

This website may have just changed my world:  –Literature-Map–  I just typed in my favorite two authors and saw names I’ve never heard of. How much to look forward to!

I’ve taken classes with –Saundra Goldman–, who amazes me. I highly recommend her writing classes and she also offers personal coaching.

I would like to take a workshop with –Natalie Goldberg–, who amazes me. One of my friends went to France to enjoy that.

I would like to take a workshop with –Ariel Gore–. She is in Santa Fe, the other town that feels like home to me.

Here are two of my favorite websites that serve as writing tools:
–Visual Thesaurus– which I love for many obvious reasons, and one a friend just turned me on to –Silva Rhetoricae– which helps me understand language.

Books on writing: The True Secret of Writing, by Natalie Goldberg. Rules for the Unruly, by Marion Winik. Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg. Teaching a Stone to Talk, by Annie Dillard. The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield.

Thanks Saundra for this one: richard-ford-jonathan-franzen-and-anne-enright-give-ten-candid-pieces-of-writing-advice

Send me more, please!

Artist Portrait of Jennifer Chenoweth painting with her feet with black paint for Austin Scene-Artists Portraits Künstlerportraits by Norman Hera Press

Austin Scene – Artists Portraits Künstlerportraits by Norman Hera

Norman Hera: Jennifer Chenoweth Portrait
Norman Hera: Jennifer Chenoweth Portrait

In April, I was photographed by German photographer Norman Hera for his project “Austin Scene” which exhibited in Praxis Krah, Marstallstraße 6, Erfurt Germany in the summer of 2013.

29 Austin Creatives were chosen by Norman as examples of authentic Austin, including Ephraim Owens, Erin Cunningham, Joshua Bingaman, Adrian Quesada, Andrea Pramuk, Hector Hernandez and many more.

You can see more of Norman Hera’s how to order tramadol online creative mind in Austin in November 2013 as a guest artist at Fisterra Studio for the East Austin Studio Tour.

See them on Norman’s facebook page and on his website.

Jennifer Inking Up was an “outtake” from the portrait series. Norman took images of the piece Larry’s Polka in process.

Jennifer Inking Up, photo by Norman Hera
photo by Norman Hera
Metal Liberated Apollo sculpture Writings

Shining and Descending Apollo, Process

Apollo Drawings
Apollo Drawings

Apollo, the sun god, son of Leto and Zeus–god of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing, plague, music, and poetry; leader of the muses. In my cosmology, all hell and heaven are within me, while I am alive in this body in this time and place on earth. In the Greek cosmology, all the prototypes are externalized and personified.  My friend Dianna often says, though I think she might have picked it up from Walter, that looking at love is like looking at the sun. Certainly, with the coming solistice and hot heat of summer in Austin, the sun god is upon us.

This piece began with a 72″ diameter 1/4″ thick steel dish, that I wanted to be my own personal sacred space, a mini temple of adoration and concentration. So I started with many, many ink drawings composed within a circle and thought about what was right for this piece.

Then I projected and made a stencil for the shape that I chose. I chose the shape based on an iconographic symbol that was continuous–it also need to extract mass from the steel dish and use it as a positive shape and which will create two related pieces. The shape had to work compositionally within a circle at every view point and have no “up” or “down” orientation.

I was delighted with the drawing onto the steel, and more so once I started plasma-cutting the shape out.  It took an astonishing amount of time to cut the shape out of the steel, and then to hammer and wedge the shapes apart. I really liked the burnt edges of the spray painted stencil. In the process I saw the shape separated and liberated from its original material, and become an independent positive shape with its own expression and identity.

Shining Apollo will be a dome that sits on 4 steel columns 6’6″ off the ground. Descending Apollo will hover, just off the ground, suspended from it center point – spinning, free, and ready.

Cutting Apollo
Cutting Apollo

I am so excited to share these works with you at my upcoming show in June at the Dougherty.

Liberated Apollo
Liberated Apollo

Stencil spray painted onto steel of ApolloStencil spray painted onto steel of Apollo

Stencil Apollo
Stencil Apollo


Hymn of Apollo, by Percy Bysshe Shelley

The sleepless Hours who watch me as I lie,
Curtained with star-inwoven tapestries,
From the broad moonlight of the sky,
Fanning the busy dreams from my dim eyes,–
Waken me when their Mother, the gray Dawn,
Tells them that dreams and that the moon is gone.

Then I arise, and climbing Heaven’s blue dome,
I walk over the mountains and the waves,
Leaving my robe upon the ocean foam;
My footsteps pave the clouds with fire; the caves
Are filled with my bright presence, and the air
Leaves the green Earth to my embraces bare.

The sunbeams are my shafts, with which I kill
Deceit, that loves the night and fears the day;
All men who do or even imagine ill
Fly me, and from the glory of my ray
Good minds and open actions take new might,
Until diminished by the reign of Night.

I feed the clouds, the rainbows, and the flowers,
With their ethereal colors; the Moon’s globe,
And the pure stars in their eternal bowers,
Are cinctured with my power as with a robe;
Whatever lamps on Earth or Heaven may shine,
Are portions of one power, which is mine.

I stand at noon upon the peak of Heaven;
Then with unwilling steps I wander down
Into the clouds of the Atlantic even;
For grief that I depart they weep and frown:
What look is more delightful than the smile
With which I soothe them from the western isle?

I am the eye with which the Universe
Beholds itself, and knows it is divine;
All harmony of instrument or verse,
All prophecy, all medicine, is mine,
All light of art or nature; – to my song
Victory and praise in its own right belong.

Four Gates Model Writings

Four Gates, In Process

Measurement for Four Gates, North Gate at 96
Measurement for Four Gates, North Gate at 96″ diameter, CAD drawing by Dharmesh Patel


Four Gates plan view with brackets
Four Gates plan view with brackets

My inspiration for the sculpture Four Gates is from Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale.

There is a short chapter at the end of the first third of the book, page 219, titled Four Gates. Here is an excerpt from the chapter:

“To enter a city intact it is necessary to pass through one of the new gates. They are far more difficult to find than their solid predecessors, for they are tests, mechanisms, devices, and implementations of justice. There once was a map, now long gone, one of the ancient charts upon which colorful animals sleep or rage. Those who saw it said that in its illuminations were figures and symbols of the gates. The east gate was that of acceptance of responsibility, the south gate that of the desire to explore, the west gate that of devotion to beauty, and the north gate that of selfless love. ”

I am combining my thoughts about Vitruvius’ man extended to the diameter of his reach, one diameter my size, or 78″, one 84″, one 90″ and one 96″. So I have imagined a sculpture for four people to interact with and create a gateway into a space of connection.

Four Gates Model
Scale model of Four Gates in the shop

Here are a few more working drawings and photographs.

Four Gates Rings
The big rings in my yard
From the perspective of looking at the South Gate, which is 78
From the perspective of looking at the South Gate, which is 78″ diameter
20 Ink Drawings 2009-2010 Catalog

Ink Drawings, 2009

Ink on paper, 17″x14″ each, 2009

The initial movement in an artistic practice is that of the hand on paper. This mark-making studio practice recalls the attentiveness and inventiveness necessary for being present within one’s artistic practice. After time spent away from the studio, to begin again tramadol prescriptions online with this process reminds the hands of their skill and the shapes produced inspire other forms that come about in future work.

12 Ink Drawings
17″x14″ each page
8 Ink Drawings
17″x14″ each page
Jen in Studio, 2008, by Rodolfo Gonzalez Press

Slideshow of house and studio

Here is a slideshow of photographs taken by Austin American-Statesman photographer Rodolfo Gonzalez of the house and studio in November 2008.

You can see how I live and how I have made tramadol online overnight fedex choices to personalize my space. It has a few interesting studio shots, and goofy pictures of me.