Abacus at Austin City Hall, photo by Norman Hera Shows

The People’s Gallery at Austin City Hall 2013


Abacus at Austin City Hall, photo by Norman Hera
photo by Norman Hera

Line QualityOn view on the third floor of Austin City Hall from February 2013 through January 2014 as part of the People’s Gallery Exhibition are the four pipe sculptures Line Quality and Abacus. If you find a little rolled up piece of paper with a pink ribbon around it next to Abacus, feel free to take it as a gift.

During Art City Austin by Art Alliance Austin on April 13, I did a live drawing piece that was up for a moment.




2011-2012 Catalog


Performative drawing piece, 72″h x 110″w x 20″l, ink on adding machine paper on steel armature, 2012

Thinking about ink drawings as an artistic practice and a way of marking time, Abacus was a performative art piece created for The Brightest Party Ever for Leadership Austin at the Long Center, and then showed at Austin City tramadol for dogs online Hall. Using adding machine paper and a steel armature to create a counting machine, individual ink drawings were created along the length of the paper, adding together the shapes and the time. Long strips of drawings were given to viewers as a memento of time spent and created.Abacus, view 1 Abacus, view 4 Abacus, view 4

Abacus, view 2