A bunker Writings

Studio Process

I think in color, I live in my eyes. What I love most about color is the way our perception of it constantly shifts in relation to the color around it and the quality of the light we see it in.

I make things with my imagination, hands and tools. I learn new fabrication methods whenever a piece calls for it. I utilize every studio process I can, and when I run into my limits or materials limits, I read, research, and call on friends until I solve the problem. Since I started my studio practice more than twenty years ago, I have painted or stained every kind of surface; cast, buy cialis cheap online carved, sewn, drilled, cut, molded, clamped, welded, shaped and glued; digitized, scanned, filmed, projected and animated; outsourced, subbed and mentored; and messed up as many things as I have finished. That is how I learn.

German war bunker in Normandy, France, modular cast concrete

I do my best to pay attention and to respond to what interests me. I have been fortunate to have had fabulous mentors and professors, who exposed me to the elegance of geometry, the way that architecture creates a sense of place, and to the wonders of our natural environment.

West Texas colors