Warp and Weave

Eye contact, a conversation. Names exchanged, a few pleasantries. Enough specific details to remember.

A little thread goes out, a string, a heart string. A connection created by one person being open to another.
Connection is a way in to someone’s story, to his or her experience, from one’s authentic self.
This is where attachment begins, if impermanent. A string between one and another, a line between two points.
But how long the string? Like a thread off the spool. It may unfurl a few inches, maybe feet, maybe long enough to be a great long tangle. Maybe with enough repetition and shared experiences to create a pattern.

Then if we acknowledge the connection between the points, the loop is closed. And then we keep connecting the points and the thread weaves between them. And we busy our hands and cross the points from the original thread, and before we know it, we have a fabric, or as Ledia where to buy tramadol Carroll’s friend says, the interesting tapestry of life.

We create the fabric of our lives from the connections we make, share and tighten. We create safety nets and community. We can allow ourselves to be vulnerable from the trust that comes from a history of these connections.

My thoughts after a big, good week. Meeting new people, asking for help.  Watched these TED videos:



And I loved both of these talks. And though that right brain hemisphere experience is beautiful, we sure need the left brain hemisphere to act. It takes both to weave our human experience together.

Attachement without expectation? It is sometimes a shock when the end of the thread releases, but I’m usually glad for the experience. And I’m learning better to let go and trust.