Uh Oh August 11

Car wigIn being rather overscheduled and busy, I made some poor assumptions about the availability of Uhaul trailers during UT back to school and Burning Man exodus. No two wheel trailers to rent to pull the pieces on their crate to Santa Fe. And the trucks that I have access to wouldn’t make it out of state for a road trip in August during a heat wave. So I used packing blankets and band straps and drove the pieces on top of my car, and the crate disassembled in the back, to Santa Fe, to paint them there. The paint would atlantic pharmacy have been scratched in transit, and besides, it was 106 in Austin and 78 in Santa Fe. Who wouldn’t rather paint there?

But sadly, a few welds broke in transit, but otherwise, surprisingly no disasters. And to the German “Reliability Engineer” who predicted poor consequences in the Lowe’s parking lot while I added more band straps, it did actually work out fine. Ha.

In Santa Fe, David Solomon introduced me to the fabulous Dan Kadven who rewelded my broken spots so I could begin painting. Yay for sculpture dudes. They are the most versatile guys around.