Gallery view during Umlauf Garden Party Event Events

Umlauf Garden Party Event Pictures

For 2013, Jordan Jeffus was the Garden Party Chair for the annual amazing Umlauf Garden Party in April. She asked me if I would be the Featured Artist for the event, and I was quite honored, but I was still very surprised at the graciousness and generosity that I was given in working with Nina Seely, Emily Pratte, Kristin Olin, Diane Sikes, and installation crew.

Thank you to Studio Uma and Payam Golsham for taking such great pictures.

The week before the event, we hung a whole show of my work in the gallery. I’ve included some installation shots of that here, followed by pictures from the most surprising evening of delight. My favorite drink was the VIP cocktail (Tito’s Greyhound); they had a VIP lounge for me to meet the board of directors, two amazing bands played all night for me and my dance partners to enjoy, the Nash Hernandez Jr. Orchestra and the amazing buy cialis generic Ruby Jane. There was food from amazing caterers and a lovely barstaff all throughout the garden. My art that I donated to their auction, Calendar Drips, was the color and graphic theme of the whole party (which I have to say looked great), and I got to help the live auctioneer sell the work to benefit one of our loveliest arts destinations in town. Somehow the spirit of Charles Umlauf graced me that evening, and I enjoyed the beauty of his world. Basically, it was like they threw a big wedding party for me as an artist. It was astonishing and fun, and I am very grateful to have had that beautiful breeze fill my sails to create more art.

Read more and see pictures in this article in, on, and here on the FB event page for the Garden Party.