We Cried 2013-2015 Catalog

We Cried

We Criedink, paint, and charcoal on paper, 109″x96″, 2013

This drawing includes a quote from Mark Helprin’s The Winter’s Tale. It was made as an artist friend of mine and I moved around the paper and had a conversation.┬áIt reads:

“They cried because of the magic and the contradictions; because time had passed and time was left; because they saw themselves as if they were in a photograph that had winked tramadol online usa fast enough to contradict their mortality; because the city around them had conspired to break a thousand hearts; and because they and everyone else had to float upon this sea of troubles, watertight. Sometimes there were islands, and when they found them they held fast, but never could they hold fast enough not to be moved and once again overwhelmed.”