Workshops, Presentations and Classes

Apollo Drawings

Jennifer Chenoweth is available to teach the following classes for your group or company. Occasionally she offers these courses out of her home studio as well. Contact for pricing and scheduling information.

THE CREATIVE PRACTICE (1-3 hour workshop and presentation, suitable for large or small groups)

Jennifer gives an artist’s talk about her creative practice, showing examples of her work and her creativity’s evolution. Then the participants will work on a project that is both independent and collaborative, to shake up preconceptions of how to create, play and be spontaneous.

DRAWING AS A WAY OF THINKING  (1-3 hour workshop per meeting, suitable for large or small groups)

This class is a very open ended exploration of the process of thinking while drawing, rather than writing, with a low investment of materials and a great way to experiment. This will be a way to try do and think new things, rather than an instruction of how to draw.

PLAYING IN COLOR (either one 3-hour workshop or three 1-hour classes, up to 12)

Understanding color relationships can be a great foundation of making art or enjoying how you make choices. In this class, there will be an introduction to paint color mixing, types of paint, the language of describing color, and matching.


These classes she teaches regularly through

COMMUNITY, COLLABORATION, AND TRADE (2 hour workshop, ambien order suitable for large or small groups)

This workshop will present examples of how artists can create relationships and alliances to further their individual projects and careers. We will discuss appropriate approaches to personal networking and building trust as well as how to create and negotiate relationships for mutual benefit, including subcontracting, barter, and time-sharing.

FINANCIALS FOR CREATIVES (3 hour workshop, suitable for large or small groups)

No matter whether you have a working small business and want to make it more efficient or have never filed your taxes, this will be great information for you. This workshop will help you understand the basics of recordkeeping and financial management for independent creative business owners.

CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP (2 hour workshop, suitable for large or small groups)

As an artist you are also a creative entrepreneur. This workshop will help you develop a business plan for your artistic talents and dreams. Create and grow your creative enterprise by setting a foundation to build a detailed plan and path toward goals and success.

PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE (2 hour workshop, suitable for large or small groups)

Present yourself well so that potential donors, employers, and clients get the right impression of you and your work. Learn how to create great portfolios, proposals, websites, photographic representations of artwork, resumes, artistic statements, and more.